4 Reasons To Book Direct With A Holiday Park

When it comes to booking your holiday away, it can be tempting to go through an online travel agency (OTA) rather than booking directly with your chosen holiday park.

When it comes to booking your holiday away, it can be tempting to go through an online travel agency (OTA) rather than booking directly with your chosen holiday park.

With lots of online agencies claiming to have the best deals, the most comparisons, and numerous added benefits thrown in, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking an OTA offers you the best package for your holiday. However, there are lots of reasons to actually book direct with the holiday park and more and more people are beginning to realise this. Here, we’ve found four of the top reasons you should book direct with the holiday park for your next trip away.

Potential for perks
One of the main advantages of booking direct is the potential for perks when choosing your holiday.
Many holiday parks offer discounts, upgrades, special offers and the chance to personalise your stay, such as altered check in and check out times, that are only available for those people who book direct.
These offers and deals are frequently only advertised on the park’s own website, meaning you have to go through them to take advantage of the savings. Plus, if you book direct, you’ll often be signed up to a mailing list which will allow you to get advance notice of any special offers in the future.

This article has some examples of potential benefits provided by some hotels when guests book direct.

Best rate guarantees
Another reason to book direct is to ensure you’re getting the best rates that are available to you.
Although many agencies don’t allow parks and hotels to offer significantly cheaper rates, booking directly allows you to avoid the added booking fees charged by online agencies. Plus, many OTAs charge hotels and parks commission which often gets passed on to guests in the form of inflated prices. 
Many parks also offer to match the rate or give you a discount should you find a cheaper price online somewhere else, meaning you could end up saving some money.

Less hassle
Booking directly can also save you lots of hassle and make it easier for you to change any parts of your holiday. We spoke to Elite Dynamics who specialise in holiday park software management, who said: “Booking directly with a holiday park essentially cuts out the middleman when it comes to organising your trip away and allows you to communicate much more easily about your needs.
Rather than contacting your OTA who then rings the park before ringing you back with the outcome, you can just contact the park directly should there be any issues or anything that needs changing.”

Up to date availability 
Finally, booking directly allows you to take advantage of the most up to date availability at your time of booking.

When an OTA displays the holiday park as fully booked, this might not always be the case and there may be some availability when booked directly. This is because some parks withhold a number of units from online agencies for people that book through the park itself, so contacting them directly could still allow you to book your trip.

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